Our favorite paw-tio in town

Everypupper has to have a favorite place to spend their time when they aren’t busy napping in the sun, barking at the Amazon guy, or plotting how to get the squirrel who dared run in their yard. Thor’s favorite place to kick back is at Tejas Bar and Grill located at the corner of Line Avenue and Pierremont. This little corner of the world is a great place to sit out and watch the nightlife of the Line Avenue corridor, whether that be at neighboring Oyster Bar or even around the corner at Superior Steak House. Thor doesn’t care if its morning, noon, or night because Tejas has a fantastic brunch menu and and even more exciting dinner menu and he knows he will get a nibble or two of my food. Thor loves Tejas so much that we even held his birthday there in 2018.

Thor’s perspective:

Ma and I like to try new and exciting places to eat and people watch. I don’t generally like people, but the idea of grabbing up greasy little treats before they hit the floor makes dealing with the public much more bearable. I really like when Ma loads me up in my stroller and takes me to Tejas. Wes and his crew really know how to make a dog feel welcome with the giant fans, chilled water bowls, and sometimes even dog specific snacks. One time Ma accidentally dropped a whole chicken wing and my life flashed before my eyes. I knew if I lunged and grabbed it, she would get so mad at me buuuuut when would the opportunity come again for me to have a WHOLE CHICKEN WING to myself. Never. Sadly though, Pops grabbed it before I could waddle over to it and threw it in the trash. Sometimes, when its late at night and quiet, I still think about that chicken wing….

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